Evolution of a memory drug for Down’s syndrome

A couple of months ago I broke a story for New Scientist about clinical trials of the first drug specifically designed to tackle learning impairment in Down’s syndrome. It was published online on 11th April, and a cut down version appeared in the magazine’s InBrief section on the 20th ( pdf available on request). But… (read more)

New issue of Guru and the Guru app

The new issue of Guru came out at the beginning of the month, but I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to promote it here until now. You can read issue 11 online or download it in various formats from the Guru website. This month also saw the launch of the Guru app, so… (read more)

A Marshmallow in the Hand – Sci Am MIND

It’s slightly old news now, but my news article on a new twist on the classic marshmallow studies of the 1970s,  in the current issue of Scientific American Mind magazine, was also published online last week. It’s under “Departments – Headlines” with the title “To Predict Success in Children, Look Beyond Willpower” instead of the… (read more)

Brighton Science Festival


A couple of weeks ago I spent ten hectic days in Brighton, covering the Brighton Science Festival for Guru magazine. I met many amazing and friendly people, interviewed some of them, saw some inspiring, entertaining and original shows, and wrote about a lot of it afterwards. The Festival ran from 6th Feb to the 3rd… (read more)

Get Your Guru Goodness


The new issue of Guru is out, and there’s some really interesting stuff in there – and I don’t just mean my own contributions! Kat Lougheed’s article on Alice in Wonderland Syndrome is fascinating, there’s a whistle stop tour of the biology of why a zombie apocalypse is actually pretty unlikely, an interesting piece on… (read more)

Do you Guru?


The latest issue of digital science-lifestyle magazine, Guru, hit the virtual newsstands yesterday, and I’m pleased to say I’m in it! The magazine looks fantastic and I’m proud to see my work in there alongside all the other great content. The piece is basically one of my science news roundups alongside a couple of other… (read more)

Sleep On It


(Originally published on Scientific American.com) “One hundred repetitions three nights a week for four years – sixty-two thousand four hundred repetitions make one truth.” These are the thoughts of Bernard Maxwell as he reflects on The World State’s sleep-teaching technique, hypnopaedia, in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, before concluding: “Idiots!” Learn While You Sleep? Huxley… (read more)

Particle Dreams

(Originally published Jul 30, 2012 on 24n.biz). (This is an old piece, but few people ever actually read it, so I thought I’d take it out and give it an airing for the benefit of anybody who never got round to reading about the Higgs boson discovery at the time. And because Sarah deserves the… (read more)

Science News In Brief 14 Oct.


Science news roundup for week ending 14/10/12: (Originally published 12/10/12, on 24n.biz. Thumbnail image courtesy of NASA) In Space:   The Dragon docks: In a milestone of commercial spaceflight the first such mission to resupply the International Space Station (ISS) successfully docked with the station early this Wednesday. The unmanned Falcon 9 rocket launched from… (read more)

Science News In Brief 30 Sep.


Science news roundup for week ending 30/9/12: (Originally published 28/9/12, on 24n.biz) In Technology:   Biodegradable electronics: A report published in Science today describes a set of materials, components and tools for building “transient” electronic systems for use as biodegradable environmental sensors or temporary medical implants that disappear from the body after they have served… (read more)