A Marshmallow in the Hand – Sci Am MIND

It’s slightly old news now, but my news article on a new twist on the classic marshmallow studies of the 1970s,  in the current issue of Scientific American Mind magazine, was also published online last week.

It’s under “Departments – Headlines” with the title “To Predict Success in Children, Look Beyond Willpower” instead of the original title, “A Marshmallow in the Hand”.

So if you didn’t pick up a copy of the magazine, you can head over to the MIND website to browse all the online articles, or use the links above to go straight to mine.

Predictably, the story has drawn some political posturing in the comments section, where one reader seems to have taken issue with the implication that success in life could have anything to do with anything other than willpower. How about we leave our political beliefs aside for one second while we discuss what the data shows and then argue about what it means in a wider social context afterwards, eh? Any chance? Probably not.

Anyway, I’m currently busy writing another news article for the next issue of MIND, so stay tuned!

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