Brighton Science Festival


The Festival of the Spoken Nerd

A couple of weeks ago I spent ten hectic days in Brighton, covering the Brighton Science Festival for Guru magazine. I met many amazing and friendly people, interviewed some of them, saw some inspiring, entertaining and original shows, and wrote about a lot of it afterwards.

The Festival ran from 6th Feb to the 3rd March and was directed by Richard Robinson, with the cooperation of the University of Brighton and the support of Brighton and Hove City Council, among many others. There was heaps going on, from talks and activities, to films and comedy shows, scattered across several Brighton venues, from pubs to university theatres. Some aimed at kids, but with more than enough to keep adults of any age well entertained and, hopefully, a little the wiser.

All my coverage is now online on the Guru website, including:


Helen Arney and her Axolotl

Ugly Animal Preservation Society – Simon Watt and friends’ unique comedy evening “with a conservation twist”.

Festival of the Spoken Nerd – the “geek comedy supergroup” tackle “Life, Oh Life”.

The Catalyst Club – Regular Brighton club gathered under the Brighton Sci Fest banner for a delayed Valentine’s special on “love, sex and pleasure”.

Bad Pharma – Ben Goldacre spreads the word about how “publication bias” is distorting medical practice. Clinical trial methodology and statistics have never been so entertaining.

Richard Wiseman – Professor of the Public Understanding of Psychology closes the festival and dispels the paranormal with a spectacular show of magic, illusions and comedy.


Ben Goldacre on drug companies

There will also be an article on the festival, rounding up all the coverage, in the next issue of Guru, due out soon. The interviews will form part of an upcoming Guru podcast.

Special thanks go to Anna Firbank, Keita Lynch and Richard Robinson for squeezing me into frequently sold-out shows, and of course, for helping to organise the whole thing.

Here’s to Brighton Science Festival 2014. If you’ve never been, you should check it out!


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