Do you Guru?

The latest issue of digital science-lifestyle magazine, Guru, hit the virtual newsstands yesterday, and I’m pleased to say I’m in it!

The magazine looks fantastic and I’m proud to see my work in there alongside all the other great content. The piece is basically one of my science news roundups alongside a couple of other news stories. One of the items was cut due to space limitations, so I’ll reproduce the original article in a later post, but for now, you can find the relevant – FREE – issue of the magazine here. Or head on over to the Science Journalism – Magazine section. Enjoy!

Guru magazine is a new(ish) venture and it’s an attempt to bring science, health and tech news to a wider audience, by delivering it in a lifestyle/culture magazine style. It has backing from the Wellcome Trust, so there’ll be an emphasis on health and the life sciences, but the scope is wide and takes in art, media, politics, etc…

They’re currently looking for people to join a reader’s panel to provide feedback on people’s attitudes towards science and how accessible reader’s find the magazine. Join up here to help shape the future of the magazine and for the chance to win prizes including an iPad, a balloon ride and more.

You can also subscribe to the magazine, folllow them on Twitter, friend them on Facebook or ask the team a question.

I’m already busy writing for the next issue, so please support this quality and, if you ask me, much needed, attempt to address the relative lack of competent but popular coverage of this kind of thing, in a world where scientific and technological advances are racing ahead of public understanding of, and engagement with, the forces that will shape all our futures.


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