Get Your Guru Goodness

The new issue of Guru is out, and there’s some really interesting stuff in there – and I don’t just mean my own contributions! Kat Lougheed’s article on Alice in Wonderland Syndrome is fascinating, there’s a whistle stop tour of the biology of why a zombie apocalypse is actually pretty unlikely, an interesting piece on why the Macbeth Effect doesn’t apply to gamers, and lots more…

You can head over to read the whole magazine, in various formats, here.

But my own work is obviously what I’m supposed to promote here, so take a look at:

A couple of news items, on the power of “neurofeedback”, and the most sophisticated model of a brain ever built.

And, a short feature on a couple of citizen science projects asking people to poop in a pot in the name of science.

You can find the same links over in the Magazine section of this site.

The magazine looks fantastic as always and I’m proud to be part of team Guru. I’ll be reporting the top stories in science again next issue, as well as heading down to Brighton to cover the Brighton Science Festival. That looks ace – can’t wait!

They’re still looking for people to join the reader’s panel so  join up here to help shape the future of the magazine.

You can also subscribe, follow on Twitter, friend them on Facebook or ask the team a question.

Here’s to many more issues to come!



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