Scientific American Mind, March 2013: A Marshmallow in the Hand: Download pdf. Also published online.

Articles written for digital science-lifestyle magazine, Guru:

Issue 12. Special Report from BNA13 – the British Neuroscience Association’s Festival of Neuroscience, held at the Barbican, April 7th-10th, 2013.

Issue 11. In The News: Recent developments in cancer research, including a new hope for the future of treatment, how to frighten the fearless, and earth-like planets in our backyard.

Issue 10. In The News: Including harness the hidden power of your brain, and building a brain, pages 34 – 35.

Also a short feature on a couple of “citizen science” projects investigating the human microbiome, Your Guts for Glory, pages 44-45.

Issue 9. In The News: Including Bumblebee blues, Bees bite back, What makes your baby laugh?, The happiness app, and more… pages 9 – 13.

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